Monday, 24 October 2016

Types Of Carbonization Processes Used Before You Buy Bamboo Flooring In Illinois

If you are planning to buy bamboo flooring for office, then it would be interesting to know about the various carbonization processes that the bamboo is put through before it is available as flooring.

Before you buy bamboo flooring in Illinois, the material has to be treated in various ways so that several degrees of light and shade in their natural color can be achieved easily. Essentially, there are two main types of processes that are used for getting the said effects.

1. Staining : The bamboo planks can be easily dyed into a multitude of colors. The staining is either done through painting or by rubbing with hands. After the staining is complete, the planks can be given a finished look or left the way they are, for a more raw and simple appeal.

2. Carbonizing by pressure steaming : Once the bamboo is stripped, it is immediately pressure steamed that gives the strips a darker color. The dye ranges between shades of honey, caramel and coffee. Carbon is added to the steam chamber so that the strips are dyed throughout, deeper than their surface.

Bamboo planks can be used for their natural look as well, before they have been put through the above procedures. The natural blonde-wood color is ideal when you want light-colored natural flooring.