Monday, 6 March 2017

Vinyl Floor Planks Installation Gives A Great Aesthetic Look To Your Space

The new laminate effect is cost effective and looks good if you have always wanted a polished wooden floorboard in your house but it is just not practical, there is still a solution - vinyl flooring. No longer associated with horrific patterns, vinyl flooring can offer you a similar look to real wood floorboard with a realistic texture.

There is an extensive range of vinyl floor patterns available, replicating many different styles of wooden and mineral floors such as slate and stone. Vinyl floorboards are also now available in a range of different sized planks which can be clicked into place, adding to the impression of real wood.

The benefits of vinyl floor planks installation include less maintenance work, reduced noise, and a selection of different finishes, costing you substantially less than a real wood floor. Hardwood floors, especially unfinished, can take several days to install. Typically, vinyl floor planks can be installed in much less time. Less time to install means less hassle for you - the consumer.

Therefore, it is no wonder that with installation aspects, plus the overall low cost of vinyl flooring, these floors look so attractive to the average homeowner. Because it is so easy to install them and very few tools are required in the process, even a novice DIY homeowner could install a vinyl floor plank with great results.

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